Monday, May 7, 2012

You know you're a farmer's wife if....

I found this randomly on the internet and had to share a few of my favorites!
You might be a farmer's wife....

  • If your second vehicle is still a pickup
  • If your husband has ever used field equipment to maintain your yard
  • If you’re in the habit of buying foodstuffs in bulk
  • If taking lunch to the field is as close as you get to a picnic
  • If your tan lines are somewhere below your shoulder and above your elbow
  • If you’ve ever called your husband to supper, using a radio
  • If being taken out to dinner has ever included a talk by a seed corn dealer
  • If your driveway is longer than a stone’s throw
  • If you have a yard, but not a lawn
  • If you have lots of machinery and each piece is worth more than your house
  • If the leaky barn roof gets fixed, before the leaky house roof
  • If duct tape is always on your shopping list:
  • If the neighbor’s house is best viewed with binoculars
  • If the directions to your house include the words, "miles," "silos," "last," or "gravel road":
  • If the tractor and the combine have air conditioning and an FM radio but your car doesn’t
  • If your storage shed is a barn
  • If you measure travel in miles not minutes
  • If your farm equipment has the latest global positioning technology and you still can’t find your husband
  • If you consider "hot dish" a food group
  • If your husband says, "Can you help me for a few minutes?" and you know that might be anywhere from a few minutes to six hours
  • If you've used the loader to reach the windows when they needed washing
  •  you know the difference between field corn and sweet corn
  • If your job in town is considered a farm subsidy

  • These made me laugh so much, especially because none of them are at all an exaggeration!

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