Thursday, May 17, 2012

Legend of the Black Thumb: Part 2

Alright, its been about a week since the initial disaster of my "landscaping" was addressed. I owe you all pictures of the progress I've made! We started by weeding and tilling all the dirt (while accidentally chopping up some existing plants).  Then we planted some canna bulbs that a neighbor gave me last year that we dug up after the first frost this fall. 

I didn't want to spend much on our flowers, especially since I have a track record of killing everything. So besides our existing plants, I got a couple more hostas, black eyed susans, some annuals, and some ferns to hang.  Last year I got hanging planters and due to my lack of commitment to watering and the drought we had, they dried out and turned into tumbleweed. 

Look Mom! No weeds!

Anyways, here's my progress! I'll post more pictures once everything is in full bloom and my cannas are up and covering the crumbling veneer on the porch!

Finally looking presentable!

Some of the plants we got from our Mother's Day adventure, including the bee balm, black eyed susans, beardstongue, hostas, and something else I can't remember but it attracts hummingbirds and that's all we cared about!

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