Monday, October 28, 2013

730 hours

 730 hours ago, on September 27th at 8:33 am, we welcomed our second perfect beautiful baby boy into this world.

11 hours and 27 minutes of labor
4 of those with an epidural
9 short blissful minutes of pushing
8 pounds 11 ounces of perfection
20 1/2 inches of handsome
1 beautiful moment when our two boys met
52 long hours away from home and Eli

Since coming home we've had
roughly 360 diaper changes
6 meals I've actually cooked
2 bottles of wine
and too many sleepless nights to count (hence the wine)...

But we've also had
4 people in one combine cab
21 visitors to love on the boys
11 delicious meals brought to us by coworkers, family, neighbors, and friends
4 Grandparents with plenty of spoiling
2 Great Grandparents admiring sweet Isaac
60 "Good morning" and "Goodnight" hugs and kisses from Eli to Isaac
438 or so hours spent adoring my boys instead of cooking and cleaning, because really in the end will I remember these precious moments or how I didn't mop the floor?

It's been the most challenging, messiest, and exhausting 730 hours of my entire life. 730 hours full of beautiful, crazy, overwhelming, chaotic, and precious moments.  I find it hard to put it into any more words than I already have, so I'll let the pictures just speak for themselves to better illustrate the last month!

Easiest and most amazing labor ever, I actually enjoyed pushing this little guy out! 

A VERY proud papa with his son

Ahh, the moment I had been dreaming about!

Eli and Isaac finally meet!

My dad with Isaac

Mom with Isaac

I could do this all day...and I do!

Papaw Ted

Grandma Vicki

Just checking out my baby brother!

Male bonding at its best

Moments like this make my heart so happy

Mom are you almost done nursing him, time to play with ME!

Seth enjoying a huge plate of chicken and noodles brought to us by Dr. McDivitt

Seth snapped this during a rough night during Isaac's amazing 1 pound in four days growth spurt

Hes just so perfect! That nose! Those lips!

Big Brother likes to help rock Isaac to sleep

and snuggle with him

...and so do I!

Can't wait to see what the next 730 hours holds!

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