Sunday, August 11, 2013


So, I realize its been since April since I've last posted! I have no excuse for this, not even the fact that things have been very busy, because, when aren't things busy?

All I can say is, summer has flown by! It seems like just yesterday it was Memorial Day weekend and now suddenly its already August (not to mention NEXT MONTH we're having a baby!)

Planting went pretty well, we had some big rains that called for replanting, but other than that it should be a good year! Seth got an irrigator at his new farm he bought last year, and it was finally turned on the other week for the first time! Seems so silly that farmers pay so much for a huge sprinkler that you can't even run through and play games in!

Seth has been very busy with his full time job as a surveyor and on the farm that we don't see him much, but he's hoping to work a lot now on the farm to make up for times he will miss this fall when the new baby is here.  Though, I doubt he will miss much time in the fields because harvest is Christmas for him, and I'm pretty sure a little boy named Eli would rather be riding in the combine with his dad than stuck at home with mom trying to figure out this whole newborn baby thing again.

Speaking of which, this pregnancy has gone so well! Pregnancy is not my favorite thing in the world, but man, this time has been so much easier, yet so much harder in some ways.  For one, I realized the whole "eating for two" thing is a huge lie and Eli has kept me so active and busy that I can't mope around about silly things like heartburn and achey feet.  Up until last week I firmly believed this little guy wouldn't come until mid to late September. September 17 has been the date in my head ever since we found out even though it should be sooner.  Then last week I landed in the doctors office having contractions and already dilated, so he could just be here soon after Labor Day.  I've always thought it would be funny to have a baby on Labor Day.  Now that I've been through child labor once, there isn't anything "funny" about it, but I still think it would be cool to say "I'm in labor!" on Labor Day.  Anyways, that's where its harder this time around. No naps, no sleeping in, no moaning around feeling sorry for myself or my swollen feet...but nobody wants to be around anyone like that anyways, which is probably why Seth has been so much happier around me this time!

 I know I've shared before that castor oil was my secret to inducing labor with Eli (still may not be true, but it seemed to work) and this time I'm pretty sure it will be mowing the yard.  I've been mowing now and then all summer, and I've discovered its a lot bumpier than I remembered (lots of bathroom breaks!)  So anytime after September 15th, don't be surprised if you see a large sweaty crazed pregnant woman, voluntarily mowing your yard or ditch banks. It will just be me trying to induce labor!  I have definitely been getting antsy, ever since we moved Eli into his new room this spring, I immediately had the nursery ready as if the baby was going to leap out of my body and into his crib at any moment. Huge mistake. Now I don't have another project to do, so one day while Eli was napping I found myself re-washing and re-folding all of the teeny tiny baby clothes and smelling them and playing "pretend baby" and laying different layettes into the crib.  I know, I need help. I also packed the baby's and my own bag for the hospital this weekend, and I feel like I'm getting ready for Christmas!

Enough about baby stuff...

Like I said, this summer has flown, and there is no way I can put it all in words, nor would anyone really want to read that, so I'll just post pictures instead and promise to not let it be so long between posts again!

Eli hard at work "drilling beans"

We had our own vegetable garden this year.  It did pretty well, especially considering half of it accidentally got sprayed along with the rest of the bean field! Eli became quite the helper with the landscaping and long as he got to man the hose, he was happy to help!

Eli helping his dad knife anhydrous on his Uncle Grant's new farm

Hot summer days call for cherry popsicles!

Eli is always excited when Seth gets home from work! 

This is where Eli will be spending a lot of time this fall! 

Everyone has to earn their keep! 

Happy Fourth of July! We spent our weekend with close friends and family

Fourth of July wouldn't be complete without the annual lawnmower race.  Seth was in first for the better last half of the race  and was FINALLY going to win...until someone flipped him over in the final turn.  It was a huge bummer and would've been so fun to see him take the checkered flag! Thankfully, he wasn't hurt too badly!

We had another great annual summer party

and the kids just keep coming!

Our neighbors spoil us by taking us on boat rides up at Culver.  Eli decided boat rides = nap time

Lots of our afternoons are spent like this! And yes he has trunks on, no skinny dipping in the kiddie pool!

Eli's spent his summer nights cruising for chicks in his new ride

We went up to the lake in Minnesota, and Eli found his new obsession is fishing. Like grandfather, like grandson!

Eli is too cool for these chickens! He got to have his first elephant ear at the fair
as for the baby boy in my belly...he's growing about as fast as the corn in the field next to the house!

...and Eli enjoys bouncing around on his little brother already!

Can't believe our little guy is already a year and a half old! It's been a great summer and we're excited for all the new things to come this fall!

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