Saturday, April 6, 2013

Growing a heartbeat

As most of you know....

We are so beyond excited for yet another little blessing in our life! Of course, as with anything, there is a story.  The story starts back on January 24th, 2012, the day that Eli was born.  Our priest came to bless Eli and made a comment for us to "get back on the baby train" and then went on to tell us how his mom had 3 of her many children only 10 months apart!!! I of course was in no way shape or form to even imagine ever being pregnant again...ever.  Seth of course, being the good little cradle Catholic boy he is said, "yes sir, we'll get right on that." Later that night as we were laying in the (most comfortable, ha!) hopsital bed ever, I asked him if he was serious.  He then revealed to me that although he wouldn't want them THAT close together, he wouldn't mind trying again soon and that he BET me I would be pregnant again by that day the following year.  As some of you know, bets are a huge thing with Seth and I. We make bets on a daily basis, some big, some little. We bet on who would get drunk at our wedding, what our first fight would be about, how many B-dubs wings he can eat, the gender of the first baby, when the baby would be born, etc. 
Now fast forward a year to January 24th 2013. I am an emotional wreck, of course because it's Eli's birthday and I was home sick with the flu (it really was the flu, not just morning sickness!).  We had his little cake that the hospital gave us when he was born in the freezer, so we got it back out.  When I saw that the same people who made his hospital cake also made the cake for Eli's birthday party the next day, I lost it. I mean, crying uncontrollably and laughing at myself at the same time. Seth looked at me with the same look I've only seen once before in my life, but I ignored it.
Later that night, we were watching tv in bed and Seth reminded me of our bet we made a year ago to the day.  I was a little reluctant to take the test but...a bet is a bet and I HAD to win, which meant I had to do the test.
Well obviously you all know how that went! How cool is it that we found out on Eli's birthday though? Amazing! It was such an amazing moment I hope I don't forget.
So, baby number 2 will be joining the ranks of the White family sometime in September! I'm actually excited to have a "harvest baby" because it will give Eli lots of special time with his grandpas, dad, and uncle in the tractors while I'm at home adjusting all over again to a newborn. 
I'm about 16 weeks pregnant, so some people have known for a while and its been interesting what people say the second time around. I am surprised how many people automatically assume I would only want a girl, I mean, I'm pregnant...what more could I possibly ask for?! Also, I love how Seth will randomly look at me like I'm about to blow up with swollen scariness again. One morning he looked at me and said under is breath, "so far so good!"  However, I am loving this pregnancy so much for many reasons. I know what to expect this time, even though some things have been different (morning sickness has been worse, but that means baby is healthy!).  I know what to do differently, such as not eat entire gallons of ice cream and honestly think I wouldn't gain 50 pounds.  I like that people are more excited about Eli being a big brother than watching me grow bigger and bigger. I am a firm believe that all that magical power your first pregnancy had on people to do everything for you and dote on you vanishes for the second.  This has proven true, and its fine with me! Instead everyone is doting on sweet little Eli and worrying about him getting enough attention before this new little baby expires his only child status.  I believe Eli deserves every ounce of spoiling he gets, I mean, the kid eats anything I put in front of him, has slept at night in his crib since he was 5 months old, weaned himself off a pacifier before he was 12 months old, and flew to Hawaii and back without crying once! Seth has been very sweet and attentive of course, but I have loved feeling more independent this time around!
People have been amazing and supportive as we have slowly announced this news.  I also feel the need to address that we are very aware that this is something a lot of couples our age struggle with.  I have so many amazing people in my life who have struggled having children and it breaks my heart for them. As much as we are so happy for ourselves, I hope others out there know how much we hurt for them and pray for them continually.  It is definitely a delicate subject that I was quite unaware of until we became pregnant with Eli.  However, on a positive note, I have amazing friends, because so many of those same people struggling have been the first to be excited and congratulatory to us. 
So, on that note, thanks again for all the love and support! Looks like this summer the corn and beans won't be the only thing growing :)
Grow baby grow!

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