Sunday, March 10, 2013

Snow Day!

Earlier this week, good ol Grass Creek finally saw its first real snow storm! We only got 8 inches (not anything compared to the two feet my cousin got up in Minnesota) but it was perfect wet packing snow, both perfect for making snowmen and perfect for making the roads a mess! Up here in the sticks, those fancy snow plows don't go down the back roads, you have to do it yourself! Once Seth told me he bottomed out in his truck, it was pretty much decided I wasn't going anywhere! So, with no milk, bananas, or juice (all staples in our house) Eli and I were stuck at home.
We made the most of it however, because I couldn't wait to get Eli out in the snow since we never got a good snow this winter! Eli hates hats and coats and socks and shoes and basically anything more than his diaper! So I was in total shock when he just stood contently as I turned him into a huge walking marshmallow. He must have known all this misery would get him outside in that wonderful white fluffy stuff!
Once outside, Eli just took off! He couldn't take a step without falling since the snow was half way up his body, and with every face plant into the snow he would squeal and giggle. His mittens fell off countless time and he didn't seem to mind, he just kept grabbing fistfuls of snow and throwing it for the dog to "fetch." Finally after an hour of playing, I took him inside only to realize that he was missing a boot! His nose was bright red, his hands were ice cubes, his poor left foot was soaking wet and all he cared about was trying to get outside again! Later, when Seth got home (with milk, bananas, juice, and Oreos, God bless him!) we got to go out again before dark so Seth could see how much of a little polar bear cub Eli is!

Is there anything cuter than this?!

He wasn't too excited about taking a picture with mom!

falling down in the snow didn't really phase him!

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