Monday, December 9, 2013

Tis the Season

Christmas is closing in fast and I can't believe how this year has flown by. Seems like just yesterday I was in college cramming for finals and now I'm wrapping presents for two little boys. Speaking of which, I feel like around this time every year I will wake up in a cold sweat because I was having a dream I was late to a final exam or even worse, that I realize I was enrolled in a class and haven't gone to it once the whole semester and now I'm going to fail. Thankfully now that I'm in the adult world I can stay up late eating homemade caramel corn and watch marathons of hallmark movies while nursing Isaac! I will have to say, I do miss the late night study sessions turned into slap happy prank fests with my sorority roommates. One year our pranks involved "kidnapping" the overly large nutcrackers from the formal living room (which really ticked off our house mom) and taking them on adventures. Lars and Giles, yes we named them, went outside in the snow, made various visits to girls' beds in cold air to freak them out, and even came to the piano bar at the Cactus one night!

Um...where was I going with this? 

Anyway! Christmas time is almost here and even though harvest is over I don't think things have slowed down one bit. I feel like we still have so much to do on our Annual Christmas Bucket List such as:
-Watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation ("why is the carpet all wet, Todd?" "I don't KNOW Margo!")
-bake Christmas cookies
-send out cards
-take the boys to see Santa Claus (my kids will be believers until they're 10 like I did, but then again I still do kinda believe in Santa)
-watch SNL Christmas special (Schweaty  Balls, anyone?"
-watch Garfield's Christmas (this is Seth not me but since he sits through my sappy Hallmark movies I sit through this one)
- last but not least, watch White Christmas and recite every word, sing every song, and bawl my eyes out when they surprise the General.

However, things we have checked of our list:
- Christmas shopping, as in we are 98% done!
- watched Rudolph and Frosty, two of Seth's favorites
- Seth has been master of our "elf on the shelf" who without fail is in a new very creative spot every day.
-made homemade caramel corn with Seth's parents and Grant and Taylor
-and of course the tree and all other decorations went up the day after Thanksgiving in true White tradition!

I love this time of year so much, but it just goes by too quickly! If it were up to me it would be two months of holiday cheer before the big day! Hoping all of you out there are getting into the Christmas Spirit and enjoying your family!

Eli helped Seth put up the tree...I also think he will probably be the reason it comes down immediately after Christmas. No ornament is safe.

Our tree is full of all of Seth's ornaments through the years. I can't wait to do this tradition for my boys too! Here is Isaac's "first Christmas" ornament

I love it so much! It was a great find on Esty!

This little chunky baby is gonna be guarding the cookies Christmas Eve!

Like I said, no ornament is safe!