Thursday, January 2, 2014


I've never really been into doing the whole "New Year's Resolution" thing.  I'm a pretty goal driven person already, plus I feel like Lent is always just around the corner once January hits and I have to be disciplined then.  However, this year I feel like I want to make some changes and why not start now!  Mine are probably not the usual "lose 10 pounds, diet, exercise" thing because I've pretty much been doing that my whole life.  These are just things I want to do for myself, my family, and for fun. Who says New Year's Resolutions need to be boring and strict, I think they should make you look forward to diving into a new year. Anyway, here goes!

1. Take pictures with my camera once a week.  I love my DSLR camera, and I used to use it all the time, and once the kids came along, I found myself getting it out less and less because just snapping a picture with my phone was so much easier.  However, its a hobby I love, ever since being a photographer for my high school yearbook and newspaper, and though I'm no professional, I really like learning new things about it.  Plus, I have adorable models. I also want to make the effort to use my DSLR because I think its so easy to use my phone and the instagram filters, but using my own camera is more challenging and a fun process to edit.  It so fun to hang pictures up in our home that I knew I took!

Here's a photo from my "photo shoot" this week, and why not have it of my family?!

2. Be more personal with others.  For example, for people's birthdays send them a message or give them a call rather than just writing "Happy Birthday" on their Facebook wall.  I am so blessed with wonderful friends and family, and I don't want starting my own family to be an excuse to lose touch with them. I love giving compliments, hugs, and writing letters to people and sometimes I don't do it out of laziness which is too bad because doing all of those things ALWAYS make me feel better!

3. Go to the dentist…twice. Okay, if you don't know me this will sound dumb. If you do know me, your mouth is probably wide open in shock.  Obviously this is NOT the fun type of resolution I was talking about earlier, but I think by making this public, it will hold me accountable. Plus, its just kinda wrong that I haven't been in four years. I hate going to the dentist, its not like I pass out or get scared, I just hate the feeling of someone digging in my mouth, stretching out the sides of my lips, and then to make it worse, the polish. UGH! I love my actual dentist, she is a wonderful family friend and very sweet lady. However, if I'm going to make my kids go the dentist, I should probably practice what I preach. It's been a good four years of not going, but its time to stop being a baby. In fact, "making a dental appointment" is on my to do list for tomorrow on my super cute personalized year planner that my sister-in-law got me (its from Erin Condren

4. Focus on being well.  I know this sort of goes along with diet and exercise, and like I said, that's always been something I've maintained pretty well, but my focus has always been off. Instead of being focused on doing it to "look good" I want to do it to just be well so I can live healthy and long! I'm turning 27 in a few days and I have two kids, so let's be honest, I'm not going to be spending much time prancing around in a bikini so making that a goal is just silly. I would rather have a goal of being in shape enough to play hours of hide and go seek and Red Rover for the next 15 years! Having these two kiddos has given me so  much more reason (and fear of not) living a long life. My maternal grandma is 93, in amazing shape, lives on her own, and has a better memory than I do. I love that she has seen all her children and grandchildren and now great-grandchildren and I want to be able to do the same. I also want to try a few new fun things to spice out my exercise regime like maybe a new trampoline in the backyard? Seth, are you reading this?! My birthday is right around the corner!!! :) Haha just teasing, but I do want to try some new things even like doing the monkey bars at the playground next time I take the kids or playing volleyball (if the neighbors will let me play, I always sit out because I'm so bad and they may not want me on their team!)

5.  Do 27 new things. I turn 27 this month, and I'm not excited about it at all. Each birthday is just a reminder life is going by way too quickly and that I'm getting older.  I'm not really a big birthday person, so I decided to make it positive for myself by challenging myself to do 27 new fun things this year. So far on the list are: make a trip to Sky Zone, try a new ice cream flavor once Charbett's is open and venture away from butter pecan, maybe learn to drive one of the tractors I've never driven, take the kids canoeing, take an online course in photography, and dive off the platform at the pond. 

So there you have it! Do you have any FUN resolutions to do this year?!

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