Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pinch Me

Pinch me, is it true?
Can Eli really be TWO?!
It seems like just yesterday he was learning to walk,
now he can run, jump, and (sorta) talk.
He has wonderful manners and says 'please' and 'thanks,'
but climbing on the coffee table has earned a few spanks.
Riding in the tractor is Eli's favorite thing to do,
along with eating oranges, spaghetti, and cheetos too!
He knows all his shapes and colors as well,
and when it comes to his name, Eli can spell!
I'm so excited to celebrate him turning two,
but I can't believe its been a year, can you?!
So happy birthday to our sweet little boy,
You've been a blessing and bring us so much joy.
Whether you've seven, nineteen, or fifty-four,
We'll love you each day a little more and more!
I can't believe a year ago I posted on this little guy turning one!

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