Sunday, September 14, 2014

Long Time No Blog...

First of all let me just say, SORRY!

I have recently had some complaints about my neglect towards this blog (and no, not just from my mom!*) and I have to say, it was actually so wonderful to hear! I got away from writing a little bit during the longest winter ever mainly because we didn't do much and my creativity had run dry, and we were battling respiratory issues with Isaac. Once winter decided to take a break, it was planting, and then suddenly it was August and I had just gotten my Fourth of July decorations up and Easter ones put away, and now its fall! 

Quickly I will update you on our lives here. Seth's still working an hour north in Milford as well as farming and I'm still at the animal hospital. Eli is 2 and a half and taking the whole toddler thing very seriously. Isaac will be one in a few short weeks and I don't know how I feel about that. I'm training for a mini marathon, which is sort of a big deal for an ex-swimmer with webbed feet like me. My oldest sister Michelle is BACK IN INDIANA!!! Family is all doing wonderful and so thankful for all of the amazing friends we have up here. Okay, so enough of that, and onto what's going on here and now!

As I've said before, fall is my absolute favorite season.  The biggest reason being the change of weather and beautiful scenery, but also because its harvest. I'll admit, harvest was a lot more fun when I was just a farmer's girlfriend and a farmer's fiancĂ©. Being a farmer's wife is a whole new ballgame. When Seth and I were dating, I would drive up from Purdue to go visit him for the weekends and ride in the combine. I would make sure to grab him a few bags of candy on the way, enjoyed the pretty leaves on my drive up, and get so nervous and excited to ride with him. I always got butterflies when he first stopped the combine and jumped down those steps to come give me a sweet kiss and have me join him in the cab. We would ride for hours talking and listening to music and he would try to hold my hand and steer at the same time. Bathroom stops are interesting in the fields, but Seth, ever the gentleman would make sure to stop and find a good place for me to squat and make sure nobody was around.  Riding in the tractor is bumpy and uncomfortable, but I didn't care because Seth was by my side. Sometimes I would get sleepy and rest my head on his shoulder and fall asleep. Awwwww….how adorable, right?

Well, we got married and let me tell ya, things got real.  

Now I call Seth and try to find out what field he's in and once I get there, find out they've decided to move fields. Ok, so drive to the new field.  New field is across the mother loving county. Beat the combine there so park in the ditch and wait. Oh, do I have to pee already? Oh good here comes the combine! Why is Seth waving his arms and yelling at me? Oh, apparently I have parked my car in the way of the semi. Move the car. Get out and walk towards the combine…oh just kidding, he's driving away, guess I'll just have to catch him on the next turn. So much for stopping and that sweet kiss! Now I have to jump on while its moving. What about those country songs you would listen to together? Nope. Now we listen to football or Nascar. Uh oh, gotta go to the bathroom, and then I get handed and empty coke bottle. Long talks about our passions and dreams are replaced by lessons in yields and corn row densities. Let me tell ya, about five minutes in the grain cart is about all a pregnant bladder can handle, and going over the end row bumps was one of my tactics to induce labor with Isaac.  Now I get sleepy, and I just drive on home and get really excited to hog the whole bed to myself AND the remote!

Alright, so a lot of the novelties of harvest have worn off, and I don't get to ride with Seth as much more now that I'm in charge of doing some of the meals every week and have the boys, but I will say, Seth still holds my hands and steers one handed.  Also, I wouldn't trade those old memories for anything, but seeing Seth AND Eli's faces light up when they take off in the combine or grain cart is just priceless. I'm a sap, so it makes me tear up every time, especially when Eli rides with his Papaw Ted.  Harvest to Seth is like Christmas for a little kid.  I've never seen him more passionate about anything else and so as much frustrations that come with harvest and spending a lot of time alone, I *try* to stay supportive and positive since its something he truly loves. But, I'm a woman, and sometimes we get crabby.

I've learned over the past three and a half years that being married to a farmer is tough.  Its ten times tougher with kids. Its probably a million times tougher if you have kids AND work out of the home.  These women around here that have been doing this for 20 plus years….they're pretty darn amazing.  They're also probably going to be canonized saints before they die, as well they should! 

So, with that said, bring it on harvest! I have a feeling its going to be a long one with all the rain we've had and late start to planting.  So excited to have an easier harvest now that Isaac isn't a newborn and make it as fun and festive as possible!  Here's to wishing all the farmer's out there a safe, productive, and happy harvest. And to all my other farmer's wives out there…go buy yourself a couple cases of wine, we're gonna need it! :)

*ok, so it was my aunts and sisters but whatever, still counts

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