Monday, September 22, 2014

Apples of my Eye

Fall is here, and we are loving every second of it! Today, we had some errands to run, so we took a long way to town and checked out McClure's Apple Orchard. We hitchhiked on an elementary school's field trip for part of the time which was so fun and the school teachers with the group snatched Eli up to join them up in front. When the kids were released (and by released, I mean the floodgates of chaos opened up) to go pick apples, we decided to check out the animals. 
Some really sweet horses made friends with Eli and Isaac, probably mainly because Eli was pulling grass out of the ground faster than any lawnmower and shoving those little fistfuls of grass quite forcefully in their mouths.

It was so sweet watching Eli with this much I cringe because I want him to love cattle, it was adorable.

Eli enjoying the goats with his one little apple.  He had picked two apples (still not sure if that was allowed) and decided to feed one of them to his new buddy, the horse, when I turned my back. Holy moly, I've never seen him laugh so hard, he fell over giggling watching that horse eating an apple. Easy to entertain I guess! 

Kittens, bunnies, what more could a kid want! 

Oh, and two geese of course! 

All my family members will immediately know that Eli was counting apples.


Funny story behind this little wagon. Seth threw a fit telling me we weren't going to get a bunch of presents for Isaac's first birthday this Saturday. (Let me take minute to wipe my tears) Anyway, we decided to get him this wagon as his one gift. So I did the shopping around and settled on this one and even got a little bow to put on it so we could have this grand moment the morning of his birthday and roll it out, and he would of course magically take his first steps AND speak his first real words and say "thank you mama!" and then we would blow out the candle on his perfect birthday cake I baked the night before and Eli wouldn't try to steal Isaac's gift and the whole thing would be perfect. Weeeellllll, while I was gone last weekend in North Carolina for my cousins wedding, Seth sent me a photo of the boys...playing in this wagon! I was SO MAD! But only for a second because it was a really adorable photo and, let's be honest, Seth and I are the absolute worst at keeping presents secrets so I shouldn't have expected any differently. 

Isaac really enjoys being hauled around in his present, and Eli enjoys hauling his little brother around, so it's a win-win! 

It was the perfect little adventure on our way to the grocery store, and then we dropped a box of Cheerios in the supermarket and both kids got dum dum suckers so we could make it through the checkout without a don't be fooled by the photos, I'm a normal mom with normal kids! I should also mention the orchard also has a winery, which I didn't get to check out for obvious reasons, but while in the checkout line at the store I was definitely daydreaming about hard cider ;)

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful autumn day! 

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  1. The hard cider is amazing and the McClures are the sweetest people!