Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fast Fruit Kabobs & Bridal Shower Spread

This has been a crazy week, followed by an even crazier weekend. My neighbors daughter/pseudo sister-in-law (she and Seth are basically family, they fight like brother and sister and he's standing up with her at her wedding) is getting married in August. I was going to be helping my mother-in-law hostess her bridal shower, and with a grumpy teething baby, I only had so much time to get something together. Fruit kabobs are great because they're fast, easy, and healthy! However, I like to serve mine with the cream cheese fruit dip that is probably not so healthy, but, delicious!

I decided to stick with strawberries, bananas, grapes and pineapple. Sometimes I like to use commercial blueberries (the wild ones we pick are too small to go onto the wooden skewer) raspberries and kiwi.

Half the strawberries and slice up all the fruit

Slide them on the skewers and tada! Fruit Kabobs!

The spread: cheeseball and crackers, chicken salad and crab salad croissants, strawberry salad, and veggie salad

There's the 2 second veggie salad I posted about earlier!

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