Thursday, June 14, 2012

Why My Husband is Depressed

You know the country song "Rain Is A Good Thing"?

Rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey,
whiskey makes my baby feel a little frisky (one of my friend's nephew's sings "crispy" instead of frisky, which I think is hilarious and cute!)

Well, whiskey we have. Rain, we don't. I'm pretty sure right now if Seth heard it on the radio, he would start crying and then begin to hunt down Luke Bryan for writing a song that is a mockery of our situation right now. We need rain, and we need it bad.

Every evening Seth comes home, gets out of his truck, and then just stands in the barn lot looking at our corn. Back in May, when we were dry but not too bad, he would just cuss and curse out Mother Nature for not letting any rain down on us. Then, back in May, the whole region to the north and south of us got rain...but not us. It was like a joke was being played on us. My theory is someone in Fulton County royally PO'd the Big Guy upstairs and we're being punished.  At this point, Seth doesn't even have the energy to yell at the skies or be mad.  He just stands out there and pouts, and then comes inside and shuts the blinds so he doesn't have to see the fields.  I suggested he water the fields with his tears, but THAT went over like a lead balloon.

To better illustrate our predicament, here are some pictures I took tonight:

This is what corn is SUPPOSED to look like (this is actually from a patch near our house that I've been watering just because I can't keep looking at dying corn while I water the flowers)


This is what our corn looks that's not pineapple!

Probably one of the most annoying things when you're a farmer during a drought is people complaining about their lawns. Who cares if your grass is brown...we're watching our income shrivel up!  However, we can't complain, there are MUCH worse things in life to be happening to us. We are very blessed and we can always count on these two little words:

crop insurance.

That's what I remind my husband when he's grumpy (which is quite often these days).  I also try to distract him by making his favorite potato dish or by having him change Eli's dirty diapers :)

So that you don't think I'm just complaining and being negative, here are some pictures of our corn that will make you smile.

Children of the Corn! (I'm down there in the dirt trying to hold Eli up!)

Bristol the Pistol finding some shade after a romp outside

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