Thursday, June 28, 2012

So much for that...

Farming has its ups and downs, and this year, its full of downs.  As many people know, we're having a drought, and even though we had hopes the   corn would hold out this year, something happened this week that dashed all of our hopes.  The corn tassled. And we have no rain. So bascially, there will be no corn this harvest.

This makes me sad for many reasons. Of course, its so sad to put in all that hard work, money, and time to have nothing to show. Yes, we have crop insurance thank goodness, but the satisfaction of harvesting the corn is such a great feeling and its a time that really brings the family together. I'll miss riding in the combine with Seth, or driving the grain cart. This year's lack of corn will trickle through the economic system and really affect a lot of people. The cost of food will go up, for example. I think in a way, this really makes people aware of how much they depend on farming families.  Sometimes I think people have a view of farmer's as uneducated, "hilljack", work in the mud all day type of people.  Quite the contrary, farming takes a lot of brains, brawn, and guts.

However, in light of the situation, we will press on and pray for the soybeans! Life will continue, and thankfully, Seth said this has never happened to them. I'd say that's pretty good for 27 years!  Also, to end this on a good note (because I hate being negative, and don't want to be accused of whining..."There's no crying in farming!") I want to share this hilarious video that my sister, Lisa found and posted to my facebook.

It's amazing and the best part is that when the guys dance at the end, one of them totally does Seth's signature dance move: the lawnmower!
Enjoy! Keep Calm and Farm on!


  1. That's so sad that you won't get to harvest corn this year. But I'm glad the video was a small consolation.

  2. Definitely! And can you see that i learned how to link things? YAY!