Tuesday, June 26, 2012

You say Potato, I say one big mess!

Eli is the easiest baby in the world. I like to brag about this fact a lot, and I don't feel bad about it either.  He hardly fusses, cries,  gets sick, or wakes us up in the middle of the night. However, lately he's been getting us up at about 3 am to eat. I realized today as I weighed my litte 5 month old boy, that I probably am not feeding him enough anymore!

I decided it was time to put my Magic Baby Bullet to use and whip up some purees for the little guy.  I had so much fun doing it! It's great because I can use the veggies in the garden and its all very healthy and organic. I started with sweet potatoes, and then I got a little obsessed. I think I pureed every single item in our fridge! So much fun, and Eli was really entertained by it all and was a very good little taste tester!

Here's what you need:

Blender, or Magic Bullet, sweet potato (or carrot, or apples, etc.) 1 cup of water, and baby oatmeal

a baby! (ok, I am using this as an excuse to post adorable pictures of my son)

Blend for about 10 seconds. Half my batch of sweet potato I left plain, and the other half I added in the baby oatmeal. I did the same with the apples, bears, and carrots. Also, Eli didn't really love the carrots, so instead of water I used formula and he really like that. (just a note: if you use formula you can't freeze and use later)

now just store, freeze and use for later! Aren't these so cute!?

I think he enjoyed it! 

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  1. Your child has the most expressive face. It'd be really easy to create captions for his pictures, although I admit that most of mine would not be using 100% American Teen Princess Pageant language.