Sunday, January 5, 2014

Snow Globe

So apparently what's happening outside is called a polar vortex...but whatever it is, it sure is pretty!  I'm sure it's going to make a mess of thing for the next few days, but we're enjoying a day at home to relax and play outside. Unfortunately one of our neighbors works at the hospital in town and is probably stranded there for the day/night so be thankful for all of those who braved the roads and cold so they can take care of others and our furry family members too! 

Anyway, before it got too cold we took Eli outside to get some play time in the snow and break in his new snow boots from grandma and grandpa!

So glad his snow suit still fits! 

Catching snowflakes!

I think its safe to say Bristol LOVES the snow! The barn cats, not so much, but we have
a nice little bed for them in the shed so they're snuggled in and cozy

so pretty!

Stay safe and warm everyone! Happy polar vortexing!

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