Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spring has Sprung...sort of

Spring is upon us, which means its planting time! It's no secret that planting is not one of my favorite seasons. Although its normally very quick, tensions run high and it gets a little stressful at times.  Last year, the planting was done very early and in record time at that. However, with all the buckets and buckets of rain we have been getting lately, the tractors are still parked in the shed.

But nobody is complaining. (Okay, except they are, but all farmers have to complain about something!)

We needed this rain so badly! We are finally in the "out of drought" category which hopefully means a much better summer and harvest than the last!  Before we know it, the drill and planter will be busy planting acres and acres of beans, corn, and best of all SWEET corn! Yum!

Speaking of spring, it has also been apparent in the animals on the farm! Our momma cat had kittens last Monday! She had six, but one didn't make it through the first day, and another didn't make it through the storm. I got home from work yesterday, and thought I found another one gone. It was cold as can be and stiff as a board. I took it inside to check with my stethoscope and then the little gal squeaked at me! With all the rain and 40 degree weather, she just got too cold! So with some kitten formula and couple hours spent in my pocket she was back in action and reunited with her brothers and sisters and I can happily report that all four kittens are doing great! The night the storm came, we had a tornado watch and I didn't want to move the kittens to the barn because just a few nights earlier, Seth shot a huge possum who had been taking up residence there.  So, I braved the wind and rain to build a little fort for the kitties by using my awesome Purdue engineering skills :) Since then, its been improvised a bit and moved a few feet so that its conveniently placed under the dryer vent so they get some nice blasts of warm air, since laundry is a 24 hour thing at our house!

As far as baby updates, all is going well so far! Baby is growing and moving around a lot more lately.  In just a little over a week, we will find out if baby is a "she" or "he." With Eli, I just KNEW it was a boy, but this baby has thrown me for a loop! In fact, I often forget I'm even pregnant at this point, but with a husband and 15 month old keeping me busy, its understandable! Lots of people have been guessing a girl this time, but I don't really care! Healthy is all that matters and I'm just hoping my dimples, and Seth's funny expressions get passed on to this baby just like they did with Eli! So stay tuned to find out what baby #2 will indeed be!

Happy Spring to you all!

Coming Soon:  Once the weather warms up, I will be working on my landscaping and....a vegetable garden! Usually I share a garden with my mother-in-law, but since I'll be quite large and have my hands full with my wild child, I wanted something small and close by!

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