Sunday, August 11, 2013

Baby Shower go to gift

I know it seems like EVERYONE is having babies these days. From Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian to your college roomate or sister-in-law, it seems like we preggos are thundering all over the earth.  Due to that, there are a lot of baby showers to attend to!  Before I ever had kids, I never knew what to get people at their baby shower. I always knew not to get tons of clothes, because everybody always gets them tons of clothes and then they don't have any gear.  But I also hate to buy gear because what if its not the right style, color, brand, etc?

At my baby shower for Eli almost two years ago, one of the doctors I work with who is the most practical person I know, got me the most practical gift ever. It was a small tupperware filled with all the things I would need in the middle of the night when the closest drug store is over 30 minutes away.  Ever since then, I've adopted this idea to give to all my new mom friends.  I simply grab a medium sized plastic tote, and then head for the pharmacy department of Target and go to town! I like to call it my "Midnight Madness Kit!"

 Its a great gift because its not gender specific, it isn't something many other people think of, and its a great way to help a new parent stock up on things they may have forgotten or not known to buy. You can also control how much you spend by either making a small kit or a larger kit. Keep in mind, all parents have different view on medicine or nursing, so I always try to steer clear of anything "controversial" unless I already know the mom pretty well.  I try not to buy bottles or pacifiers because all parents have their own specific preferences on those as well as any baby formulas or foods.

If you're ever in a bind over what to get a friend for their baby shower, or their registry is thinning out, this is a great one to do! Trust me, they will thank you!

This was a basket I did for a friend having a little girl.  Included is: Pedilayte, Hylands Teething Tablets, Vick's Vapo Rub, Vick's Vapo plug in diffuser, cute ice pack with fun cartoon characters, infant orajel, Infant Tylenol, Aspirin, and Benadryl, Gas drops, saline drops/spray, Boogie Wipes, Munchkin autoclave bags, and pacifier clip.  For the mom I like to throw in a box of breast pads and tucks pads...and if I know the mom REALLY well, I'll even throw in a bottle of stool softeners too :)  

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