Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween

My mother-in-law warned me...Halloween is nuts when you're a farmer's wife! 
For one, you don't live in a neighborhood so trick or treating is me loading up the kids in costume and going to the "neighbors" house, two miles away. The perk about this is that since people know these poor farm kids have a whole 3 houses to trick or treat at, they don't just give you a measley fun size snickers, they give you a BAG of goodies and a toy!
 Last night, we got Eli loaded up in his adorable homemade Superman costume and Isaac all bundled up and headed out. We made it to Aunt Taylor and Uncle Grant's and all was going well, until Eli peed through everything he had on except his cape and socks. So, needless to say, Superman quickly became Captain Diaper-pants! When we got to Grandma and Grandpas he literally flew in, cape flying behind him and ran straight for the toy room with all his glorious chub for all to see! I just hope in 15 years when he's in high school, he doesn't try to make a comeback with this outfit. It definitely won't be nearly as cute as it was last night!

Eli and Seth (as Clark Kent) over the weekend at a Halloween party

Lois Lane and mini Superman Isaac!

How could you NOT give this cutie some sweet treats?
Superman one minute...

Captain Underwear the next!

 Hope you all have a safe and Happy Halloween! Now its time for the REAL Holidays to begin!

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