Friday, May 25, 2012

Febreeze Please!

One of the great things about summer and living in the country is opening all your windows and having fresh air fill up your house.  Seth likes our house to be cold at night, so to enhance the air flow into our bedroom, he set up a box fan in the window.  I have to admit, it makes a pretty relaxing place to snooze after a long day of work.

The other night, after we laid Eli down for the night and getting ready for bed ourselves, Bristol started to get wound up.  She kept running to the window, whining, and sniffing around.  This is unusual behavior for her...well, at least at night time it is. (Once she hits our bed she's sprawled out, on my side of course, and won't move until we drag her out the next day before we head for work.) Earlier in the evening, we saw a big raccoon walking out of our barn and heading for the ditch, so we just figured he had made his way back to our yard and she saw him.

We were walking around the house, locking the door and turning out the lights when our house began to fill with a horrible horrible smell. It could have been one of those death traps set in The Hunger Games, it smelled so bad. I started running around the house trying to figure out where it was coming from. Obviously I checked the baby, then asked Seth, "WAS THAT YOU?!!" (which for some reason, he was really offended by.) When we got to our bedroom the smell only got worse, as if it were the source.  And it was...

A skunk was right outside our bedroom door, hence the reason Bristol was going nuts. It had also decided that he needed to spray right in front of the fan in our bedroom window. So not only did he make it stink outside, he then located himself so that the smell could be shared with not only outdoor critters, but indoor critters too!

After lighting about 300 candles, spraying 3 full cans of room spray, and then rubbing the latest Bed Bath & Beyond lotion into our nostrils, we finally got some sleep!

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