Friday, May 11, 2012

A Farmer's Wife Mother's Day

Flowers, candy, jewelry, breakfast in bed, homemade cards from the kids, spa packages, etc. are the usual gifts most mom's recieve.

Not for this mama!

Seth decided my first mother's day needed to be celebrated in true farmer fashion.  He came home this afternoon from work and told me to shut my eyes and hold out my hands. Check out all the awesome loot he brought home from when he stopped by Farm Credit Services on his way home!

Hats, potholders, record books, outdoor thermometer, fly swatters, umbrellas, and envelope openers!
What more could a woman want, right?! Actually, I did get really excited about most of this stuff, especially the envelope openers since we always seem to be missing those!

I'll be doing a bigger Mother's Day blog tomorrow, but I thought this little surprise from Seth merited its own shout out! :)

To all the Farm Mom's out there, what were some of the best gifts you ever received for Mother's day?

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