Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Legend of the Black Thumb: Part 1

I am a horrible gardener. I can take care of babies and animals, but not plants. People who tell you to get a plant and if you don't kill it, then you can get a puppy....they must not know me.  Last year I managed to kill all but about 3 types of flowers in my landscaping. Which brings me to another point, I probably shouldn't call what I call landscaping "landscaping." Its more like "the dirt in front of my house that I dig holes in and put bulbs in and water and then cuss at every day because of how bad it looks.  Last year we just waited to see what all grew because it was our first year living in the house, and we were pleasantly surprised with mums, tulips, lillies, and some other perinnials.  Seth's grandma was known for the beautiful flowers she cared for while she lived in this house, and I have a feeling I'm letting a lot of people down with how it looks right now!
For the sake of inspiring anyone else who hates gardening, I am going to post these embarassing "before" photos.

Not so great huh?
Don't mind our crumblign porch! I'll be planting some canna bulbs to cover it up!

 I've made up every excuse in the book to avoid working in the yard because I dread it so much. This year, I'm going to try again. To make sure that I do, my mother-in-law is on here way over as we speak armed with a hoe and spade to help me figure out this mess! Here goes!

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