Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day: Part 2

Happy Mothers Day! I had a special day not only because it was my first Mother's day as an actual mom (last year I wasn't even aware I was pregnant, so it doesn't count!), but also because I got to spend it not only with MY mom, but also my maternal grandmother.  Mom and I drove down to gool ol Greenfield, Indiana to my grandma's cattle farm where my Aunt and cousins were all there to celebrate the special day!  Eli got some cuddle time with his cousins Kelly and Debra, his Great Aunt Kay, and my Mamoo.  Mom and I got a good look at the calves, and Eli got to meet them too! Hope all you other Mom's had a great day!

My sweet Mamoo having some quality time with her grandson
I found this cool tack box out in the barn.  Boyd is Eli's middle name, and I love that this box was probably painted by my mom or one of my aunts.
This yellow farm house has been through a lot...and it made a great place for lots of cousins to play!

Mom, Eli and I

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  1. LOVE your blog so far. Short and sweet, great pictures, and such endearing little stories.