Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Beach, a Beer, and a Baby

Yesterday we had a beautiful afternoon at Lake Ted. Ok, so "Lake Ted" really isn't a lake. It's the pond between 2 cornfields on my in-law's land about 3 miles away from our house.  However, this pond is Ted's (Seth's dad) baby and he loves it.  When Seth was in high school they had a big platform at the pond that they would jump off of and have pond parties.  We had to tear down the platform a while back, and Ted decided it was time to rebuild a new one.  Last year, the first level was erected, but between house building, planting and harvest, it just didn't get done! 

Pretty impressive, right?! It doesn't look that high from here, but it seems REALLY high when you're on the top!
Well, now it's done and after a long day at work yesterday morning, we decided we needed to blow off some steam and have our own mini "pond party." I had Eli in his adorable little baby swim suit, but the water was a little too cold for his liking, which stinks because it takes me about 20 minutes to wrestle him into those little swim diapers because he kicks his little chubby legs so much!

Dad, Ted, Mom, and Eli on the "beach".  We still have to spread the sand, but it will be so nice once its done!

 After getting sick of listening to Seth call me a chicken, baby, and various chants of, "Do it for Eli!" I did finally muster the courage to jump off the top platform which is about 20+ feet from the water's surface. 

I jumped. I screamed. I conquered.

Seth is crazy and dives from the top!

Then I attempted a dive off the lower platform and though I didn't belly flop, I chest flopped. (Have I mentioned I have a 4 month old baby...I'll leave time for all you mom's out there to say "ouch!")

 All in all, we had a great day followed by frying fish and dinner with family and our wonderful neighbors over at our house later on.  Just another day in paradise!

Bristol swimming laps in the pond...she slept really well last night!

Telling Bristol that swimming time is over!

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