Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day: Part 1

This year is my very first Mother's Day, and I wasn't really thinking it was that big of a deal, or really that exciting. However, its not even officially Mothers Day and Seth has completely blown my socks off!  Thursday evening I got home (I'm gone from home Wednesday morning through Thursday night to save on driving time) and was dreading all the cleaning I needed to do in the house. I had about a million projects started, and as any other mom with a 3 month old knows, its not easy to get anything done without being interrupted. Seth saved the day by asking my Aunt Julie to come and clean the house. I love that he did this as a surprise, or else I would have been stressing out, trying to get the house clean so she could clean it. (Isn't that dumb, yet so true for most of us?) Anyways, it was such a wonderful thing to walk into a beautiful, sparkling, clean home. Fresh sheets on the bed, scrubbed floors, clean carpets, and she even arranged all of Eli's toys in his pack n' play!

Today, Seth took me to this amazing tree nursery called Spring Creek. For my mother's day gift, I was to pick out a tree to plant at home. Not just any tree, but this tree would be planted the year our first child was born...and the next time we have a baby, we will be planting a tree in the year he/she is born as well. Pretty sweet, huh?

 The owner, Joe, greeted us and began to show us all of the beautiful trees. We ended up walking the whole nursery and picking out some plants for the yard as well (not before promising Seth I wouldn't kill them)

How gorgeous is this? It was such a peaceful place
Joe helping me pick out some plants for our hummingbirds.We got some Bee Balm, Hysop, and Beardstongue. We also got some black eyed susans for the front yard too

 Joe is really knowledgeable about trees, so all we had to tell him was the direction the tree would be facing and he had a handful of trees for us to choose from.  Our options that I can remember were red oak, silver oak, autumn blaze, field oak (which I was tempted by since that's what Kate Middleton had in Westminster Abbey for her wedding), tulip, some evergreens, and some others that I don't really remember.

We unianamously voted for the Tulip tree for many reasons, but mainly because it will provide shade and its the state tree of Indiana!  Even better, they were having a 20% sale, so we got a lot of stuff for a great price.

Family picture at Spring Creek!
Tada! Here it is, planted in its new home in front of our house!

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