Sunday, July 15, 2012

"My" Tractor

This year was a pretty big year for Seth and I because not only did we have a baby, but we also had two other pretty big additions in our lives. First, we bought a farm which is a pretty big deal. Second, we bought a tractor. 

I don't know if any of you have ever heard of "push presents" but its the concept that the dad should buy the mom some small token of appreciation basically saying "wow, thanks for literally pushing that child into this world, I hope that this small shiney object can show you that I don't take you for granted." Well, Seth didn't really buy into that at all, and decided instead of jewelry, flowers, or even a nice dinner out, that a tractor would be the way into my heart.

He was sort of right. It is a pretty cool tractor. It's shiny. And red. And its actually really useful. Oh, and it has a sunroof!  It's a loader and basically is just used for about anything on the farm from sorting seed cor, clearing snow to shoveling all of Eli's diapers into a huge hole in our ditch bank.

Wait, I mean, I didn't tell you all that.
Here she is from the front. We can also put forks on this which is handy too!

Pretty cool right?!

So, Seth likes to claim that this is "my" tractor since he already made a pretty big purchase this year. So anytime I go shopping and he says "I never spend money" I like to remind him of what he paid for the farm...which he comes back with "well that tractor in the shed sure wasn't cheap" like I was the one who just HAD to have it. Anyway you have it, its nice to have and has definitely been worth every penny! (and just for the record, Seth did get me a nice pair of shiny earrings that he gave me in the hospital. I also gave him a "thanks for putting up with me as a scary pregnant lady gift" which were two tickets to the Nascar race in Bristol, TN...I'll be blogging about that trip later!)

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  1. A tractor with sunroof? That sure is cool! This road machine is worth every penny. She looks very capable and reliable. And it is a good addition to your home. You will never know when you’re gonna need a tractor to dump all the diapers. This will certainly come in handy.