Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer Party

Last year we decided to have a big party at our house for friends and neighbors as Seth's way to throw me into the community. I tend to be shy when first meeting people (don't worry, I open right up after a while!) and Seth is the exact opposite, so instead of slowly introducing me to everyone, he figured to just shock me into it by having massive crowds come to our home.  Well, last year was a hit, so we decided to do it again this year! This year was a little different because a lot of friends in the area that came had babies as well this year, so there was a lot of kids at the party which was so much fun.  Also, a lot of people from the animal hospital came, which was so great because I love them all so much and 5 of my closest sorority sisters made the trip to come too, some of them I haven't seen since our wedding!

I love hosting, but I become a little anal about time schedules and where things should be, etc. Well, that all got put to the test because about half hour after people began to arrived it started to POUR. We really needed the rain, don't get me wrong, but I was not prepared at all to have 2 dozen plus people in our teeny living room! Thankfully my wonderful soon to be sister-in-law had come over the previous day and helped me do some cleaning so it wasn't a mess! As much as I hate chaos, I kinda loved this kind. Lots of kids running around, people laughing, eating and talking...I loved it!

Pouring rain! A beautiful site for us!
Anyways, we ended up having a great time and I was so thankful for everyone who came out!  I say it all the time, and I'll say it again: I absolutely love our community up here! I had neighbors taking Eli and rocking him on the front porch, my Uncle Mark grilling all the burgers, family friends from Kokomo helping get the beer pong going, and one of Seth's best friends here to help set up in the morning.  We partied pretty late and then all of these wonderful people helped me clean up down to the last dish (Thanks Alicia!)

We had a full yard!
Wonderful friends and neighbors
Yes, we have a beer pong table in our shed
Friends taking good care of the keg
My beautiful DG sisters

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