Monday, July 9, 2012


I feel like there have been some small changes on the farm that I have neglected to update everyone on. For one, my landscaping is looking pretty good so far! Despite the drought and my gift of killing plants, everything is green and blooming! I will have to make a separate post dedicated only to my landscaping to better prove this!

I love our front porch on the summer evenings.  If you're ever in town, stop on by and we'll have a drink and swing on the porch!

I have been keeping something from all of my readers. I think I'm finally ready to talk about it, but I'm warning you, its really sad.  The kittens that I saved from the fire that I posted about earlier were killed about a week after I wrote about them.  Some horrible evil creature (guessing a disgusting raccoon) must have gotten them, and it was so so sad.  However, this morning before leaving for work, we discovered that another cat had 3 kittens last night! Look how cute and teeny they are!

The new little tiny kittens

Last but not least, though the crops haven't been very good and we won't have enough sweet corn to sell, we did have enough to fix for dinner tonight! Yum!

Yes, Seth fixed all this corn for just TWO people. I barely ate 2 ears...and he ate the rest!

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  1. We ate some of our sweet corn tonight too! Although, we only had two ears between us.