Friday, July 13, 2012

County Fair

Nothing means summer more than the county fair, and ours was going on this week and by Thursday I still hadn't been able to go! Between working and having an hour + commute with a baby, it just wasn't happening. Seth and Grant had a lawnmower race Wednesday night at the fair which Grant won! WOOHOO!  I'm bummed I missed it, but when I got home from work Thursday night, Seth announced that he was taking me to the fair and give me a night off of cooking!  Seth got his walleye sandwich and I got my elephant ear, so we were both happy!  All in all it was a pretty good time, the Justin Moore concert was playing so we had good music to listen to while we walked around.  There was one downfall of our trip to the fair, I blew out my favorite pair of flip flops walking back to the car. Seth, ever the hero, let me wear his the rest of the walk. What a guy!

White brothers at the lawnmower races...such class they have

Eli meeting the pigs...he smiled at every animal he met!
Eli was cracking us up how he was sitting in his stroller with his chubby little legs propped up on the cupholder.  I think he was trying to show off for the ladies while he was cruising around
One fish sandwich down, and he's waiting in line to order another while his mouth is still full with his first!
Checking out the llamas and alpacas!
Dumb, but very sweet :)
We ran into our neighbor, Ethan! He and Eli are discussing all the hot chicks they picked up at the fair!


  1. Llama faaaaace!

    So cute; that's so funny how Eli puts his feet up on the cup holder!

  2. Haha lisa we actually tried getting pictures with the llamas just for you but they didn't turn out!