Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July, White Family Style

4th of July is a pretty big holiday in our family.  It centers around the one greatest event in Cass County: the Annual 12-Mile 500 lawnmower race!

Fun Fact: This lawnmower race is the oldest in the country and this year was the 50th running!

Funnier Fact: One of our friends, Eric, always races a mower but lives in the suburbs of Chicago. One year, a few weeks before the race, he decided to go out and practice. He began speeding around the streets of Naperville on his mower, but his practice session soon came to end when he got pulled over by the cops! Unfortunately, Eric couldn't come down this year, so Josh ran his mower instead.

I love this race so much and honestly enjoy watching it, but this year it was over 100 degrees and 100% humidity. Needless to say, it was miserable.  Then to make matters worse, the transponders that keep track of the guys laps weren't working, so we had to go back to the old school way and count laps ourselves.  This means each driver has a volunteer (or loving wife) that goes out into the middle of the track and tries to keep track of them as they careen around the track and record their time at every lap.

However, it was a great day with so many friends, including a friend from vet tech school that I hadn't seen in almost a year!  To top of the day, Seth's brother Grant finished out 4th!

Eli drinks his first beer! Haha just kidding, we're not THAT white trash. He just liked to suck on the condensation!

Pre race photo...not nearly as sweaty and muddy as after the race

Eli was so intent on watching the race...I'm afraid he will inherent his Dad's love of NASCAR

Josh racing on Eric's mower

So glad Michelle got to come to the race this year!

The Pits

My sister took this picture, proving that she was indeed in the midwest

There goes my hunky husband! #10!

There was a pretty good wreck during the race that caused a red flag.  Seth and Grant were at the front of the pack and no doubt coming up with a strategy so that Grant could win.  Seth had already been black flagged a couple times (is anyone surprised?) so he was ready to go block others and help Grant out!

Taylor and I counting for the guys and suffering from mild heat exhaustion. I can't imagine how hot the guys on the mowers were!

Taylor and Grant!

Little Chunk has had enough! Taking a break in the A/C in the car!

There they go! It's definitely something everyone in the tri county area should experience!

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  1. I cannot express how much I wish I could have been there. I've not experienced a lawnmower race, but I like to think I would've enjoyed the crap out of it.

    P.S. God bless pop.