Thursday, September 6, 2012

DIY: Fall Wreaths

So, I'm not the biggest Pintrest person. I just can't jump on the bandwagon very well. So far, I've gotten on it three times. Once, when my sister helped me sign up, a second time to get ideas for Eli's 1 year old birthday party, and recently to get fall decoration ideas. Though I think it has so many great ideas, I was getting overwhelmed with all of them so I logged out and looked around my house and thought "jeez, I stink."  However, today was a different story and I decided to go ahead and just go with what I was able to make last year:

a wreath.

This was the original wreath I made with my Mom last year when we had an impromptu arts and crafts day while the men worked in the fields.
One wreath, however, turned into about 20 and my hand got a cramp from using my hot glue gun!  All you need are some wreaths, you can find them at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or any other craft store. A hot glue gun, locked and loaded, and anything you want to put on your wreath!  I play around with everything I have and do a lot of layouts until I finally settle on one. Here are some of my favorites that I made!

Grapevine wreaths, you can find them at Hobby Lobby
Some fun fall sprigs to add, pheasant feathers, and eucalyptus
I love these feathers so much! They have so much color to them and they're so soft! You can find fake ones at Hobby Lobby, but these are some from one of Dad's recent hunting trips

One of the first ones I made
I like this one, it has way more color!

A variation of this layout made the final cut, but I hadded a burlap bow instead of the one made of raffia

The one I hung outside! (Sorry the picture is sideways!)
Sorry it's sideways! But this one looked a lot better with the burlap bow!
Another one with the pheasant leaves. Definitely like the ones with the sunflowers and corn best!


So there's one of my fall projects! I have a few more that I'll (hopefully) get to later and be able to post! They will involve the fruits of our harvest as well as the leftovers...get excited! I'm hoping that all of this fall decorating will help me brush up my skills to be REALLY ready for my favorite season of all: Christmas! :) Nothing like Christmas on the farm....but more of that to come later!

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