Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ode to Old Blue

No farm is complete without a big old truck with a trusty name.  On the White farms, its Old Blue. I love this truck. She may not have nice seat cushions. In fact, the seat cushions may have mice nests in them.  The brakes may not work, and the clutch may stick a bit. But the hydraulic bed of this old cattle truck is what makes it so valueable. Without we could not have dumped all the plaster and insulation from when we renovated our entire house.  It's been a part of every huge house project, as well as some photo shoots.  Ted wanted to sell it this past year, and thankfully Seth reminded him of how much use we get out of it, so she's safe for another year! If this truck was reliable enough to drive around, I would drive it to work every day!  Thanks for all you do, Old Blue!

Old Blue in all her rusty glory

My favorite filtering effect ever! I would love to try and claim that I sketched this, but I do think it looks amazing!

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