Friday, September 7, 2012

Top 10 Reasons I love this life...

A few weekends ago, I ran into someone who used to live here in Grass Creek and they made the comment about how boring it is here and just trying to make the most of it. It made me sort of sad, because I really truly love it here.  Not just for the space and quiet, but for the people and family we have here.  A lot of people don't want anything to do with it here, and that's ok, but I love it and here's why:

10.  On any given morning, I can walk out to my mailbox in just pj shorts and a t shirt and not have one worry of anybody seeing me

9. Sleeping with the windows open every night and not hearing anything but crickets and the wind

8. The fish fry at the church in Kewanna and the fire station in Grass Creek = Social event of the month!

7. No matter who you pass while driving, you wave, and they always wave back. Also, what's a cop?

6. I get to spend every evening on my porch swing watching a gorgeous sunset over a field of corn that my husband planted.  It's better than any HD tv (even though we have 7 in our house...that was my husband's choice, not mine!)

5. People in the city go to gyms, fitness clubs, yoga, etc. I get a workout just by walking over to the neighbor's house to say hello

4. We save a lot of money never going out to eat because...well, there's nowhere to go!

3. I can justify wearing bib overalls, which I don't think I could do anywhere else

2. 2 words: well water. Nothing tastes better!

1. Tinkle Power: Here in the country we experience a whole new freedom than anywhere else in America.  This is the freedom to pee wherever you want. Though I'd love to say this only pertains to Seth, I can't lie, I use this freedom as well. What else am I supposed to do when I'm out running and the next standing structure is over a mile away, or when I'm riding in a bumpy tractor and no toilet nearby?  Its a great freedom to embrace!

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  1. LOL I have to agree with almost all of these! It never fails when I try to run out in my PJ's someone always comes flying over the hill. :) And I couldn't agree more about the Fish Fry (we always take ours home, though) and eating out. It makes eating out more appreciated in my opinion! Thanks for sharing and letting me see I'm not quite alone in my thinking!