Friday, August 31, 2012

Something that made me smile...

Tonight I finally got to go for a walk.  The wheel on my super awesome jogging stroller went flat and I had to wait all week for it to get fixed.

On the 3.5 mile loop that I walk, I pass 4 houses, and more often than not, I'm stopping at each house to  talk to the neighbors so they can see Eli, visit, talk about crop yields, etc. Usually I end up smiling and nodding about a lot of what they talk about because I usually don't know half the people they're talking about, or anything about "the crops of '87" which was apparently a bad one.  I love it though, because I feel like I have motivation to do the whole lap, because people are expecting me.

The last 2 houses I pass are located catty corner to one another along an intersection of 2 of the roads.  One of the houses is up on a hill, and the other is back behind a grove of trees. These are my favorite houses because almost every night the little boy from the house on the hill, and the little boy from the house behind the trees walk outside and YELL really loudly to one another to discuss their plans for tomorrow.  It's basically a conversation straight from the He Man Woman Haters from The Little Rascals. They can't be more than 6 years old, and they are really cute! They talk about whose house they'll play at tomorrow, if their mom said they can stay for dinner, and what toy they'll be bringing over.  It makes me so happy to see that not all kids resort to using their mom's cell phone.  I remember when my childhood best friend and I would ride our bikes to each other's houses just to ask if they could come over to play.

My favorite part about the little boys' meeting tonight was when Eli and I started to approach the house on the hill, the little boy that lived their yelled, "Hey! Baby Lady is coming!"  and the other little boy said "Tell her hi.....wait, don't! I'm shy!" Then they started yelling more about stuff and they were having trouble hearing so the little boy on the hill said to me "Hey will you tell him I said I gotta go put on socks and I'll be right back?" Oh man, they are so cute and they make me wish we had someone that lived closer with a little boy that Eli could yell back and forth too.

It's the little things like this that make me so thankful to live where we do!


  1. LOL I find the humor in this as well. I'm trying to picture the loop you walk because I know the 2 houses you are referring to, but can't seem to get in my head where you walk. I guess before you get concerned, I live over on 725 in the farm house that's slowly being fixed. :) I've seen you walk past a few times, but never actually said hi or anything, so I guess Hi is in order!

    1. Hi! :) yes I used to walk your loop a lot more but Seth got concerned about me walking those curves past the cemetery because he's afraid someone wouldn't see us. So now I walk down to George Henderson's road (the little sweet old man with the golf cart)and then to 1100 and then turn back east on 775 and that's the corner where the 2 houses are! But I still walk your way sometimes, so I'll wave! :)

    2. Oops! I forgot to get back on here and see if you replied. :) Ahh I know where you walk now. I was just confused because I couldn't figure out where you walked and only passed 4 houses and saw those boys. Next time I'll wave too! ;) Happy walking!