Sunday, October 28, 2012

Harvest is over!

Harvest is officially over! It actually went relatively quick, but it seemed awfully long! Learning to be a farmer's wife with a baby is a lot different than just being a farmer's wife.  Lots of very long, lonely nights with not much help....however, we had lots of fun nights riding in the combine or the grain cart and getting family time then. Eli got to spend a lot of time with both of his grandpas, as my dad likes to come up and help run the grain cart since Seth and Grant both work full time and aren't available during the day. 

Three generations of White farmer men!

One of the nights I took Eli over to Seth's farm in the next county over, and we got to ride with my dad in the grain cart.  It was a very cold and clear night and we kept seeing a funny haze over the sky.  At first I thought it was dust from somebody combining beans, but then realized it was too wet for anyone to be harvesting anything but corn.  The haze turned green and started to move and we finally realized that we were seeing the Northern Lights! I don't get to see these often, but I see them more than most since we vacation in Minnesota and they are so beautiful! It was like God gave us a good show to help the guys press on to finish up, even if it was at 1 am.

On another weekend, one of the doctors I tech for in surgery brought her family of 3 boys to ride in the combine.  They wanted to full farm experience so everybody got to ride in the combine, grain cart, and take a semi ride to see where the grain is unloaded. They were so much fun to have there, and I think we made a farmer out of her oldest son, Jaxon.  I was a little worried they may not like it at first, because they followed me up from work in Kokomo, and its a little bit of a drive!  When we stopped at our house so I could run in and change I got a text from Dr. Cooper saying that her husband was wondering if I was going to have on overalls and a straw hat when I came back out! I think he ended up thinking it was pretty cool and he got to take a spin on the racing lawnmowers we have!

Zander, the little semi driver!

The Hanson family comes to experience a day on the farm!

All in all harvest went pretty smoothly. As far as yields...well....we just won't go there! Beans turned out pretty good, but the corn was pretty bad.  This was a conversation on my drive home one day while Seth was harvesting corn in his field:

Me: "How's it going?
Seth: "Guess what my yield is"
Me: "200" (bushels per acre, I was trying to be optimistic)
Seth: "Guess again. Here's a clue, it's the same number as what you weigh"
Me: "Well, then, how much is that?"
Seth: "130! Isn't that awful!?"
Me: "I love you. You're the best husband in the world. Sorry the corn sucks." 

And then I went home and made him his favorite dinner.

Next year will be interesting since it will be the first time we will be harvesting the new field that Seth and I purchased! Fingers crossed that next year will be a better year!

Celebrating harvest over by finally making it to evening mass and dinner out with my mom
Father and son heading out to the fields. By this time next year, that little guy will be able to hold Seth's hand and walk beside him!

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