Tuesday, December 18, 2012

That Guy

My husband is quite possibly the best man on this earth.

Those of you who know him may kinda laugh at this, because the Seth you probably know is probably like this:

or this

You get the picture.
He's goofy, unrefined, makes really stupid jokes at inappropriate times, is always wearing work jeans, expresses his opinions loudy, and is never shy.
However, I happen to know he's the best man on the face of the earth. Why?
He's the guy that turns into a little kid on Thanksgiving night, and magically transforms our house into a Christmas wonder.
He's the guy that will turn on the heat in the cab of the tractor, even though he's boiling, just because he loves having my company.
He's the guy that will make himself look like a fool outside of a wedding, just to fix his mom's favorite purse that's zipper just broke.

He's the guy who loads everbody up in the car to drive 2 miles away to look at the neighbors Christmas lights.
He's the guy who the day of our wedding, when we were sitting up by the altar, tried to figure out an escape route for me because I had to pee so bad.
 He's the guy who stayed sober at our Annual 4th of July part because I was pregnant and he didn't want me to "feel left out"

He's the guy who will take Eli for an hour after working long hours at his job and on the farm, so I can go running.
He's the guy who will take my friends or sisters out, even if I can't go, and always pays the tab.
He's the guy who still lets his mom give him a kiss before he leaves...even if he just saw her the day before.
He's the guy who loves animals. Even the stray cat I brought home. He's the guy who claims to hate cats, yet let it be a house kitty.
He's the guy that right after you go off the road in his mom's brand new car, makes a joke and
sings a funny song while trying to push the car out of the snow bank.
He's the guy who still visits his grandmas, and finds a way to
make them a part of things.
He's the guy who put a "Good Job!" sticker on my shirt when I went into labor.  He's also the guy that flipped off/honked at/sweared at in the car to get us to the hospital.
He's the guy who carved our initials at my favorite spot in the world.  When I had to go back last year alone because his work didn't allow him to take a vacation...I had a part of him with me.
He's the guy that if he makes fun of you, he likes you.
He's the guy who DVR's gymnastics for me.
He's the guy who talks about his family all the time and drives by where his
 brother works to make sure he got there ok, because he knows the drive is early and long.
He's the guy who says "lets have a baby before our first anniversary" and then you do. Then he becomes the best father I could ask for my son.

 He's pretty awesome, that guy!

He's more than I deserve! He's given me a beautiful life, and I hope I can only do the same for him!

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