Sunday, December 16, 2012

Life Lately

Please excuse my absence lately from the blog! I've been busy busy busy! A few quick updates

1. I hosted Thanksgiving again this year. Did I mention that earlier? Its kinda a big deal, especially since 18 family members enter our not so big house to enjoy a delicious meal.  Not to mention we had 4 generations present. So much to be thankful for! It went so well, and I figured out to have all the food prepped and on warmers or in the oven so that when everyone arrives, I get to enjoy their company rather than be sweating in the kitchen and fighting with everybody congregating in the kitchen.  (Why is it that everyone gathers in the kitchen? I have realized that is my biggest pet peeve when hostessing!) My wonderful brother-in-law made the turkeys again this year and when I say made, I mean smoked in the smoker his lovely wife got him.  They were delicious!  My sisters who live in Florida made it up again this year and we spent the day eating, visiting, playing cards, skeet shooting, and of course watching sweet little Eli.

Prepping for the meal
May and Bristol help with clean up!
Intense card playing!
2.  Grant and Taylor got married! As many know, I've been excited for this wedding for a long time.  Of course the week of the wedding I come down with a horrible cold/flu and Eli started teething. Thankfully I felt a million times better on the day of the wedding and let me tell you, it was a beautiful wedding and the reception was a blast! I've never seen anyone love someone as much as Grant loves Taylor, so it was such a wonderful thing to see these two finally tie the knot!

Don't they look wonderful?

This little guy was enjoying dancing with all the ladies!
3. Christmas is upon us! I have been busy shopping for my family, Seth, and most of all, little Eli!  He is going to be one spoiled little boy this Christmas, but he has been so good all year, I think he deserves it :)  We are so blessed to have a warm home and family to celebrate with.

I love our tree! It seems so homey to me! Especially now since the bundle of present below has doubled since this photo was taken!

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